1669413 Cam Kit

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166-9413 New Aftermarket Replacement Cam Kit,

Made To Fit Cat Backhoe Models:  428F, 432D, 428D, 430F ST, 416F2 STLRC, 432E, 424D, 430F IT, 420E IT, 416D, 420F2 ST, 420E ST, 444F2 LRC, 432F, 434E, 444E, 420F2 IT, 450E, 428F2 LRC, 444F, 430F2 ST, 430F2 IT, 434F, 442D, 422E, 416E ST, 420F ST, 432F2 LRC, 446D, 416F ST, 428E, 420D, 430E ST, 430E IT, 442E, 415F2 ST, 428F2, 444F2, 420F IT, 420F2 ITLRC, 450F, 427F2, 416F2 ST, 432F2, 434F2 LRC, 420F2 STLRC, 422F, 430F2 ITLRC, 434F2, 430F2 STLRC, 422F2 STLRC, TH460B, TH350B, TH220B, TH360B, TH340B, TH355B, TH580B, TH560B, TH330B, 414E   

Parts # 166-9413

Made In USA

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